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This village shares the prestigious feeling of being a part of the struggle for independence too. All the sections of the village contributed to the freedom struggle. The person who was ahead of all others in this struggle was respected Mr. Makanjibhai Parshottambhai Patel, more commonly known as "Sola". He also represented the district of Bardoli in the first parliament after independence as a member at Mumbai. One of the leading freedom fighters from the region was Late Mr. Ranchodji Jivanji Bhakta, who suffered two terms of rigorous imprisonments of 18 months each for his contributions towards the agitation against the British. Besides them, the other leading freedom fighters who joined the freedom struggle and bared imprisonments included Late Mr. Sanmukhbhai Govindji Bhakta, Late Mr. Bhikhabhai Ranchodji Bhakta, Mr. Dahyabhai Vanmalibhai Patel, Late Mr. Lallubhai Bhagabhai Bhakta, Mr. Prabhubhai Dahyabhai Bhakta, Mr. Dhirajbhai Gokulbhai Bhakta, Mrs. Bhikhiben Dahyabhai Bhakta, Shri Lalbhai Javerbhai Patel, and Late Mr. Ranchodji Kalyanji Patel. Under the leadership of Late Mr. Makanbhai Patel, the others who actively participated not only during the pre-independence peri od, but also in the post-independence activities for the progress of the nation were Mr. Bhikhabhai Ranchodji Bhakta, Mr. Maganbhai Virchand Shah, Mr. Raghabhai Bhaktibhai Bhakta, Late Mr. Naginchand Kasturchand Shah, Mr. Chaganlal Lalchand Shah, Mr. Dahyabhai Vanmalibhai Patel. This village will never forget the contributions of these people, since it was due to the dedicated efforts of these great people that this village has attained prosperity.

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