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Time and again the people who have contributed a lot to the development of the village include Mr. Jalbhai Sorabji Kasad, Mr. Thakorbhai Rathod, Mr. Parabhubhai Vallabhbhai Patel, Mrs. Hansaben Nathubhai Shah and the name of Mr. Manubhai Nagarbhai Patel, who is currently residing in America, is worth mentioning. It was Mr. Manubhai Nagarbhai Patel, who was also the Head (Sarpanch) of the village, under whose leadership people got united and formed a group, which sincerely served for the development of the village. Many of the students who took their primary education in the old school, located at the center of the village, have now grown up to become socially and economically prosperous people and run various charitable trusts for the well-being of the village. The task of building the Secondary school, undertaken by the 1964 established charitable trust, involved huge contributions from many families including that of Mr. Vanmalibhai Ratanjibhai Patel, Dahyabhai Ratanjibhai Patel and Mr. Shantibhai Ratanjibhai Patel and the family of Mr. Parabhubhai Vallabhbhai Patel for the requirements of the primary section along with the family of Mr. Dayarambhai Nathubhai Patel and Thakorbhai Gopalbhai Patel gave their valuable contributions for availing the facilities of the higher secondary section. The village will never forget the selfless devotion of Mr. Dahyabhai Haribhai Patel laid the foundation stone of the old temple of Lord Rama. Late Mr. Dahyabhai Bhaktibhai Bhakta also wrote his name in golden letters by helping the saints and priests create a holy environment in the village.

The temple of Lord Rama had a construction cost of about Rs. 50 lacs. The main donor for this temple was Mr. Dinubhai Karsanbhai Patel and lots of other donors being the residents of America. The people who contributed a lot in speeding up the constructions included Bajipura resident Mr. Jerambhai Nathubhai Patel, Mr. Jerambhai Keshavbhai Patel, Mr. Thakorbhai Gopalbhai Patel, Mr. Nathubhai Sitarambhai Patel, Mr. Bharatbhai Vasanjibhai Patel with useful contributions from friends in America including Mr. Keshavbhai Govindbhai Patel, Mr. Mahendrabhai Bhikhabhai Raghabhai Bhakta, Mr. Satishbhai Jagubhai Patel, Mr. Hasubhai Dheerajbhai Patel as well. The various developmental activities to live up with the world and provide better physical facilities included that of availability of water - ambulance service - construction of tar roads - construction of better cremation house - plantation of trees etc. To see these dreams turn into reality, Mr. Dilipbhai Bhakta toured to America in 1994 where he raised a lot of funds from friends residing there. The whole credit of these dreams come to reality goes to Late Mr. Chaganbhai Bhagabhai Patel, who was an excellent businessman, a person who easily mixed with all sects of society and a person with an inner feeling of being helpful to other casts of society.

A beautiful Townhall, situatd in center of the village, is constructed by late Mr. Sanmukhbhai Govindji Bhakta, the biggest and only donor of the townhall, in memory of his son late Mr. Thakorbhai Sanmukhbhai Bhakta who died in his youth. The family also build a clock tower in memory of there mother for the village.

The educational facilities are provided by the district administration and the primary school is also run successfully by them. All the sections such as preprimary, primary section, secondary section and higher secondary section for the education of the children are run by the Bajipura Kelavni Mandal. There are around 1300 students studying in this school.

New stream of science has been started in the higher secondary section from June 2001 with help of Mr. Dahyabhai Vanmalibhai Patel. A Plan of starting a new English medium school was proposed. A heartily congratulations to the family of Mr. Dayarambhai Ranchodji Bahkta and Mr. Gokulbhai Ranchodji Bhakta for their efforts for starting the English medium school.

The religious environment in the village and the unity between different religions has lead to a peaceful living in the village. The major sections of population living in the village include Leuva Patidar society alongwith Jain - Mistry - Prajapati - Bhakta Patidar - Choudhary - Halpati and the Muslims.

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