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Welcome to Bajipura.com... This website has been designed for the Bajipura community as a resource for information on our village, latest news, and pictures of events. This website can grow tremendously as members of Bajipura can participate in providing pictures and information of events with their individual families. Any information you would like posted should be sent to Sawan Hasubhai Patel at sawanpatel.tx@gmail.com.

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We hope you all had a safe and pleasant trip back home. The local convention team would like to thank you all for attending the Bajipura Gaam Parivar 2014 Convention here in Houston, TX. We have heard many great things, especially about the food, entertainment, and stage programs so your support and presence is truly appreciated. We tried our best to make sure this convention was satisfying and successful in all aspects so please forgive us for any minor mistakes or errors. We hope to see you all again soon!




Also, to those families who donated money towards this gaam convention, your generous donation does not go unnoticed. Your contribution is wholeheartedly appreciated!!!




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